2 thoughts on “Google’s new logo: It’s not simply branding. It’s marketing in disguise.

  1. markkolier September 2, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    I knew there were multiple Google logos over the years Nader but seeing them morph over time is a rather unique perspective. But I thought you were going to write about Alphabet? 🙂


  2. Phil September 4, 2015 / 3:28 am

    This is a beautiful example of the development of the Internet itself – starts off all “we have no idea about what it takes to look good, but hey look at this crazy thing we did”. Moves to “no we’re actually serious, this crazy thing is worth paying attention to”. Then “we’re at least as serious as that other stuff you pay a lot of attention to”. Followed by “see we told you so, now that we’re a part of your everyday life we can drop both the “!” And a million bucks to change our typeface. P.s you’re still so used to seeing flat green text on black screen that curly font, shadows and highlights are pretty amazing eh?. Then: “ok we’re all grown ups, the shadows are visually excessive, they’re gone”. Then: “ditto for highlights”. Then: “this is about as perfect as it ever gets and frankly a part of your mindset”. And finally “we’re just going to mess with this to get your attention and your money and we’re so part of everything you do that whatever we do with it you’re just coming along for the ride…bwaa ha ha ha!”…personally I liked the non-vertical axis for the letter-holes and have always preferred serif to Sans- but I’m pretty sure I’ll still keep googling!

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